I am a seasoned agile practitioner and an accomplished scrum master, agile coach and mentor with over 9 years of experience practicing Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming, LEAN. I have a proven track record of devising and implementing strategic teamwork solutions that foster communication and and collaboration. 

Malinder Singh



"Malinder is a great team player and a hard working individual and ready to take additional responsibilities for the team. It was pleasure working with him, great going Malinder!!
Thank you for all your contributions "
Nagamahantesh S K
Scrum Master | Agile Project Manager at Wipro Limited
"Malinder is simply my top student in class. He is proactive. He takes everything seriously. He volunteers in lots of activities. I really recommend Malinder Singh for any job he applies for. I think whoever hires or recruits him will gain a lot of value in his work-space. "
Dalia Haggag
Enterprise Project Management Instructor at Queens College in Mississauga
"Malinder is strong with his communication skills and has desire to excel in his work. His development effort has been an immense for the project he worked upon. He has a sense of responsibilities that makes him unique from group."
Udai Singh
SDET | Project Lead (QA)

Expertise Areas

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Coaching the teams and the organization related to the goals they want to achieve and help them to unlock their potential.



Training the individuals, teams and the leadership regarding agile mindset, scrum values & principles, and business agility.



Mentoring to help in developing a continuous learning environment, help to achieve self-management using creativity and innovative approaches.



Specialized in Agile frameworks to streamline software development processes and help to resolve impediments. It also involves improving productivity and to boost customer satisfaction.